About Focus Formulations

The basis of Focus Formulations Inc. stems from several years in the pharmaceutical industry researching products relating to the function of the autonomic nervous system. Such research and experience led to the conclusion that drugs typically address symptoms rather than cause, and further, that the side effects often outweighed any benefit of the drug.

Research and observation of patients who suffered with focus, concentration and sleep issues, especially those with symptoms relating to autism, suffered a depletion of key nutritional ingredients. Whether the depletion occurred due to poor nutrition, restrictive diets or metabolic dysfunction, they responded to non-narcotic formulations which assisted the autonomic nervous system.

The autonomic nervous system consists of two parts; the sympathetic nervous system "fight or flight" and the parasympathetic nervous system "rest and digest". Typically, sympathetic nervous activity rises during the day allowing us to work, learn and stay focused. As night approaches, parasympathetic activity rises allowing our bodies to prepare for rest and restorative activity. An imbalance between these two systems often presents as an inability to concentrate and focus during the day and an inability to obtain restful sleep at night.

Focus Formulations was born out of the observation that providing key ingredients that crossed the blood brain barrier and produced neurotransmitters assisted communication within the autonomic nervous system. Balancing the two parts of the autonomic nervous system is crucial to optimal performance. Balancing the sympathetic nervous activity during the day allows us to work, learn and stay focused, while balancing the parasympathetic activity at night allows our bodies to rest and restore.

Focus Formulations is proud to provide relief for those who have struggled with the debilitating symptoms of autism and other disorders on the spectrum and continues to strive to bring you superior nutritional alternatives.